Wedding in Matapalo, Osa Peninsula

This last month I found myself traveling all over Costa Rica, for weddings, other photography jobs, and also personal projects.  I wanted to put up a quick post to show a little bit of how the month went.  Eventually there will be a blog post on each of these projects, but for now this is just a little taste.  The map below shows all the places in Costa Rica I traveled to in these few weeks.  In a perfect world, these projects would be in order from North to South or South to North, but it worked out where I had to travel back and forth from one border to the other several times.

Map of Costa Rica

Starting from the south, I had an epic wedding in Matapalo on the Osa Peninsula.  Osa is so remote from other parts of Costa Rica and you really feel that you are just dropped off in the rain forest.  Some of the most extreme 4×4 roads I’ve ever been on just to get to the ceremony location, and so worth it.

Wedding in Matapalo, Osa Peninsula

The next point north on the map is a coffee farm near San Vito and the border of Panama.  This was a personal photography project I had been planning with the owners of the coffee farm for a few month, and we were just waiting for the rains and the end of the year harvest.  An incredible experience and definitely my favorite personal project of the year.

Coffee Costa RicaCoffee farm in Costa Rica

I also found some time to shoot three weddings in Manuel Antonio, one in El Parador Hotel, one in La Mansion Inn, and the last one on the beach in Playitas.

Wedding Parador, Manuel AntonioWedding in Manuel Antonio

Wedding in Playitas beach, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.

I also had two weddings in Zephyr Palace and Villas Caletas in the mountains of the Central Pacific.  One of them we had scheduled a day before session on the beach in Jaco, hence the casual dress.

Photographer in Jaco, Costa Rica.Villas Caletas WeddingWedding in Zephyr Palace

I also shot a conference in Tamarindo, Guanacaste.  It was a conference for the destination wedding industry in Costa Rica and it was great to have a chance to get together with everyone who works in weddings in the country and take steps towards promoting standards on a national level.

Conference in Tamarindo

My last project was at an indigenous reservation in Palenque Tonjibe en San Rafeal de Guatuso.  Every month the National University of Costa Rica (UNA) sends their veterinarians and vet students to a different indigenous reservation to provide a free clinic for their animals, everything from the livestock which they depend on to basic care for their household pets.  These clinics are set up in very remote conditions for people in need.  I’ve always thought that this was a great project and I offered to go along and shoot the clinic so they would have photos to use for promotion and fundraising.  It was another incredible experience that reminded me, that even in the busy season, I need to still make time for my personal photography projects as they refresh my vision and creativity and makes me fall in love with photography all over again.

Indigenous woman in Costa RicaTonjibe en San Rafael de Guatuso

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    Thank you, Kevin Heslin for the beautiful pics! My favourite are of course, the farm ones but all are beautiful…ReplyCancel

I did the Facebook Black and White Five Day Challenge on my personal page in Facebook this week, and I decided to repost the photos here.  The idea of the challenge is to post a Black and White photo every day for five days.  What makes this interesting is that these can not be photos shot for a professional job, that is, they need to be photos that are shot just for the love of photography.  All these photos are shot by always having a camera on me in my everyday life, so I photograph friends, family, and whatever I find interesting going on around me.

girl at parade.

Girl lost in thoughts at the Independence day this year.

girl with birthday cake.

I went surfing at this unique barrio last month, and when I got out of the water I found myself at a girl’s birthday party.

fishing in Quepos, Costa Rica.

I love how the composition just came about as the kids started walking into frame.

Facebook Black and White Challenge

My friend Marjorie with her baby Samuel.

child looking at snail in aquarium.

My nephew looking at a snail he brought home from the pond.


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Zephyr Palace Wedding Ceremony

Zephyr Palace Wedding Ceremony

A few weeks ago my photographer friend Madison Baltodano asked me if I could be the second photographer at wedding in Zephyr Palace. Naturally, I jumped at the opportunity to second shoot. Most primary photographers try to work as second photographers whenever they get a chance. The primary photographer is there to capture the many parts of wedding and not miss a shot no matter what the circumstances.  The second photographer, in contrast, is there to photograph guests and candid moments during the day. This is a nice change as it gives me the chance to be more creative as I need to constantly search for photo opportunities. Dana and Mike were a great couple with really awesome friends and family there to help them celebrate the big day. There was a lot going on and everyone was in a good mood, so I just needed to keep my eyes open and capture the special moments going on all around me.

Wedding in Villas CaletasVillas Caletas Wedding PhotographyGuests at wedding in Zephyr Palace.Kids at wedding ceremony in Costa RicaWedding Ceremony in Villas CaletasGuests at wedding by pool in Villas CaletasWedding ceremony in Zephyr PalaceArches at Villas Caletas

To see a wedding at Zephyr Palace where I was the primary photographer working with another second photographer click Zephyr Palace Wedding Photography.

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    That kid is such a cutie! I love your photos, you are so good at capturing these tender moments!ReplyCancel

Barn in Vermont in the fall

Vermont in the Fall

Visiting my family several times a year and spending quality time with them is the main priority in my life.  As October is the rainiest month in my part of Costa Rica, I always try to go to New England for a few weeks.  This year we drove out to Vermont for the weekend, and it happened to be prime Leaf Peeping season.  We drove up Route 100 and I was able to get some great photos of the weathered barns.  Like always, when I am back in the States, I always have my camera out to get photos of my nephews and of my friends kids who are always up to shenanigans.

Man in front of farm in Vermont.

My father in front of a farm in Vermont.

Vermont in the fall.Kids playing on stairs.Kid playing on banister.Barn in Vermont in the fall.Sculpture in Vermont.

Kid climbing rocks in Vermont.

My nephew trying his hand at rock climbing.

Leaves in the autumn in Vermont.Kid playing with blue toy.Old barn in Vermont.Old barn in Vermont in the fall.

Independence day in Costa Rica

Independence Day in Costa Rica

September 15th is Independence Day here in Costa Rica, and it happens to be one of my favorite events all year. Everyone in town gets dressed up in the national colors or even in the traditional clothing, and heads downtown for the big parades.  I love to go down there to photograph people in the community with their kids to be able to give them the photos afterwards.  They put so much effort into their costumes and making the festivities so much fun I think it’s nice for them to have some photos to document the day.  The evening before, on the 14th, the local children parade around town with Faroles. Faroles are home made lanterns made in the shape of something representative of Costa Rica. It could be an ox cart, a fishing boat, anything as long as it is something that represents national pride. On the 15th, all the schools and other organizations parade downtown, with the children finally showing off the routines they have been practicing for months at school. This normally consists of a marching band or a type of dance. The cheerful mood is contagious, and I always try to walk around and get good photos to give away to the parents of the kids who have worked so hard preparing. It’s always fun to walk in and out of the parades, trying to find interesting colors and moments.

Faroles in Costa Rica.

Faroles or lanterns to celebrate national pride.

Independence Day in Costa RicaIndependence Day in Costa RicaIndependence day parade in Costa RicaIndependence day in Costa RicaParade during independence day in Costa RicaParade during independence day in Costa RicaIndependence Day in Costa Rica

To see more photos of faroles from Independence Day a few years ago click Faroles.

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    Beautiful pictures I attended this event while in CR. You’ve captured the spirit of the day beautifully. ReplyCancel

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