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Photos from Guatemala

antigua guatemala with volcanoP I NI M A G E




Photos from Guatemala

Guatemala has been one of the countries I’ve wanted to visit for probably 10 years now.  I had heard so much about the culture and landscape and knew it was a place I wanted to experience and photograph.  Last month, I finally decided to stop making excuses about being to busy and just go and do something for myself.  Best decision in a long time.  The landscapes are indeed amazing, and the culture is so pronounced and unique.  It seems anywhere I went I could have spent weeks shooting and never want to leave.

In Lake Atitlan people still live in a very traditional way.  Cooking with ceramic pots, and preparing hot chocolate with special stirring utensils made from coffee roots.

Unexpectedly, I also met some local wedding photographers there and I hope to start shooting destination weddings in Guatemala real soon.  I’m so grateful I was able to make the trip and walk around this amazing place.  Can’t wait to make my way back to do some more exploring.

Below are some of my photos from the week I was there.

view from pacaya volcanP I NI M A G E

The view from volcano Pacaya is of other volcanos.

Photos from GuatemalaP I NI M A G E

I love meeting and shooting people when I travel.  Well, that’s almost my whole reason for traveling. These are some school kids, and a family arriving early to get a good spot for the parade.

Arco de Santa CatalinaP I NI M A G E

The famous Arco de Santa Catalina in Antigua.

ceramics in san antonio palapo in lake atitlanP I NI M A G E

I got to visit a small ceramic factory where everything is still hand made.

ceramic before glazing in GuatemalaP I NI M A G E

Lake atitlanP I NI M A G E

My boat captain running on the dock.

indigenous girl fishing in San Antonio Palopo in lake atitlanP I NI M A G E

Girl fishing with just a line near San Antonio Palopo.

fishing in lake atitlanP I NI M A G E

Boy fishing on Lake Atitlan.










man paddling canoe and woman washing clothes on lake atitlanP I NI M A G E

Woman washes clothes by the lake shore as man paddles by in canoe.

Man farming on lake atitlanP I NI M A G E

Man harvesting seeds by the lake.

Indigenous man in GuatemalaP I NI M A G E

Old walls in antigua guatemala with motosP I NI M A G E

Antigua is full of these old picturesque walls.

Semana Santa in GuatemalaP I NI M A G Egirl running by alfombra in GuatemalaP I NI M A G E

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